About Us

Irbis Finance & Management AG is a privately owned family office based in Switzerland in the canton of Zug. Founded in 2013, Irbis Finance & Management AG earned a reputation of a responsible and reliable business partner, innovative in its approach and selection of the best local and global investment opportunities.

We are proud of our global network of trustworthy business partners who have in-depth knowledge of countries we invest in. Closely working with the largest banks in Europe, Asia, USA and Australia, we are able to invest across all asset classes, industries and geographies.

The current rapidly evolving world presents constant unexpected challenges, but it also offers immense opportunities for today’s wealth creators. While our main objective is to preserve wealth to ensure a lasting legacy, we continue to be forward-looking and prepare for the future.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Our company carries out its activities in a socially responsible and ethical manner.
We support universal human rights and the protection of the environments, and actively participate in the life of the society in which we operate.

We endeavor to be a reliable partner for local communities and introduce long-term positive changes to the life of the people.
We aim to harmonise the interests between businesses and societies, creating common values.

We believe that a company cannot achieve long lasting success if it solely focuses on creating value for itself and does not participate in the life of the society.
We participate in societal and cultural projects, including helping schools, charitable organisations and sports clubs, and strongly motivate our clients and partners to do the same.

Our Services

When capital is created, objectives appear on its protection, effectiveness of use and the provision of a steady income.

Our team offers the following types of services:

Capital Management

Asset and capital management through an individual, tailor-made approach provided by top professionals.

Portfolio Management

Individual solutions for portfolio management and strategies. We manage investments across the majority of asset classes and strategies, including fixed income, equities, currencies, structured products, private equity, real estate, and others.

Research and Analysis

Research and valuation of investment projects.


Investments in early stage ventures.

Our Partners

Our Headquarters

Bösch 71
CH-6331 Hünenberg
Zug, Switzerland
Phone: + 41 41 785 25 00
Fax: +41 41 785 25 09
Email: info@irbisfinance.ch